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Q: But I thought air guitars are supposed to be made of, you know, AIR?

A: Although “regulation” air guitars for competitions are indeed of the gaseous variety, uROCK mini air guitars are built so you can HEAR and FEEL your air guitar at the same time.

Air guitar novices will be glad to have this safety prop to fortify their own air guitar while they practice advanced moves, but at the same time experience the same exhilarating sensation to play like a pro right out of the box!

Q: Hey plucking the strings did nothing, why can’t I interact with the music?

A: BLASPHEMY! The very essence of air guitar demands that your performance must be true to the source material. Altering the music in anyway (other than cranking it way up) is a strict violation and will probably piss off the crowd. With the uROCK mini air guitar, we guarantee your tunes will sound exactly like the acoustic nectar performed by the very rock idols you worship!

Q: Why didn’t uROCK make a 1:1 version?

A: Advanced air guitar moves with a real size guitar are awesome to be sure, but such face-melting action will cause unnecessary harm to the people around you, especially in crowded areas such as in the office or on public transportation. The uROCK mini air guitar is designed so you can have your daily fix of monster riffs in the privacy of your own personal bubble, without getting arrested for being excessively cool in public. They are great for practice before your air guitar performance as well!

Q: Can’t I just use my existing digital music player and play my own air guitar?

A: Sure you can do that, but why not take it to the next level by combining your music player with your air guitar? The guitar itself is so well crafted that it can even serve as a display on your desk! Let people know you are paying homage to rock’s greatest names by owning an actual music player dedicated to the international pastime that is the air guitar!